Mansour Bahrami
5ft 10ins
Date Of Birth
1956-04-26 (Age: 63 years)
Right Handed
Paris, France
Arak, Iran
Career Prize Money

Bahrami is a natural born performer and will no doubt provide endless entertainment for those lucky enough to watch him at this year’s Champions Tennis event. Over the last 20 years Bahrami has been integral to the success of Champions Tennis at the Royal Albert Hall; the ‘Maestro’ as he is known by former playing partner Ile Nastase, played in the inaugural event in 1997 and this year is jointly celebrating his 20th appearance at the Royal Albert Hall with the event’s 20th anniversary.

Bahrami has an astonishing story behind his wonderful career. Tennis fans from all over the world will know Bahrami as one of the most talented tennis tricksters of all time, a maverick who can serve while holding six tennis balls in his hand, a man who chats with the crowd whilst feeding lobs to his opposition whilst encouraging them to ‘hit it harder’, and a man who can catch tennis balls in his shorts pocket while playing an improbable winning shot, but the reality is, that his story is one of difficulty and a longing to pursue the sport he loved.

Since he did not own a tennis racquet growing up in Iran, young Bahrami taught himself to play using a rusty old frying pan and anything else he could get his hands on. He was prevented achieving tennis greatness because the then rulers of Iran viewed tennis as a decadent Western activity definitely not to be encouraged. Consequently, he was forced to flee to France when the Islamic Revolution banned professional sport. It was in France that Bahrami flourished into a distinguished doubles player, reaching the French Open Final in 1989.

Bahrami now spends his year travelling across the globe with the ATP Champions Tour and with the Grand Slam events. When he is not busy on court entertaining his fans, Bahrami spends time in Paris with his wife Frederique and their two teenage sons. Referred to by McEnroe as a ‘tennis genius’, we look forward to watching him on court at this year’s Champions Tennis event.