Day 3 - myWorld Champions Tennis

Team Goran will play Team Greg in Sunday’s final at myWorld Champions Tennis. 

Saturday Afternoon

Team Goran (2) V Team Tim (1)

Overall - The title match is locked in at MyWorld Champions Tennis after Team Goran, comprised of Juan Carlos Ferrero, Xavier Malisse and captain Goran Ivanisevic defeated Team Tim (David Ferrer, Mark Philippoussis and captain Tim Henman) 2-1 on Saturday afternoon at the Royal Albert Hall in London.


Match 1

Ferrero V Ferrer

Ferrero, 3-4, 4-2, 10-8


Team Goran’s Ferrero took on Team Tim’s Ferrer in the first match of this afternoon’s matches. In the first set, there wasn’t much to separate the Spanish legends with both players making each other run all over the court. Ferrero had a break point in the fifth game but couldn’t convert. The set led to a tie-break with Ferrer taking the first set, 4-3.


In the second set, Ferrero broke in the third game (40-30), dictating with the forehand and went onto win 4-2. The third set led to another tie-break with plenty of drop-shots from both Team Goran and Team Tim. Ferrero went onto win this 10-8. Team Goran take one point into the next match of the afternoon sessions.


After the match Ferrero commented: “I honestly didn’t expect to win that match, I’m really pleased with the level of my serve, especially winning the last point with an ace. I’ve tried to keep as fit as I can for my other two matches. It could have gone either way at the end and there was little to separate both of us.”


Match 2

Malisse/Ivanisevic V Henman/Philippoussis

Malisse/Ivanisevic, 4-3, 2-4, 10-3


Xavier Malisse and Goran Ivanisevic provided Team Goran it’s second tie-winning point with a victory over Tim Henman and Mark Philippoussis in the doubles rubber of this afternoon’s session.


There was little to separate the two teams with the first set leading to a tie-break. Team Goran took the first set finishing with an unbelievable drop-shot which entertained the crowd.


Team Tim broke in the third game of the second set and went onto win 4-2. In the tie-break decider, Team Goran cruised to win 10-3.


After the match Malisse commented: “Most of all it was fun, we played some good tennis and had some good rallies. It seemed that the crowd enjoyed it and we did too. Great to get more points for Team Goran but you almost forget about the points as it’s so much fun. Saying that, t’s always nice to get a win!”


Match 3

Ivanisevic V Philippoussis

Philippoussis, 4-2, 4-1


In the second singles rubber, Team Tim got a point back when Philippoussis prevailed in a 4-2, 4-1 thriller against Ivanisevic.


Philippoussis broke in the fifth game of the first set and went onto win 4-2. Throughout the match Team Tim served well and dominated with his great forehands and backhands. Philippoussis broke early in the second set and went onto win 4-1.


After the match, Philippoussis commented: “It was a lot of fun! Going onto the court in the match before with three of my great friends and then with Goran it’s always a pleasure. Unfortunately Goran took a tweak half way through so hopefully he will be fine after that.”


Saturday Evening

Team Greg V Team Goran

Overall - Team Goran defeated Team Greg 3-0 in the evening session.


Match 1

Baghdatis V Malisse

Malisse, 4-3, 4-1


Malisse secured Team Goran’s first point of the evening against Team Greg’s Cypriot Baghdatis.


Both players served well and there were plenty of aces throughout the match. The longest rally was 18 shots where the point was eventually won by Malisse. Team Goran took the first set 4-3.


Malisse started the second set strong on his serve winning 40-0. Baghdatis saved three break points in the second game but Malisse broke in the fourth game (40-15). Team Goran then went onto win 4-1.


Match 2

Rusedski/Baghdatis V Malisse/Ferrero

Malisse/Ferrero, 4-2, 2-4, 10-8


Team Goran’s Malisse and Ferrero made it a back-to-back win in the doubles rubber.


Team Goran broke in the first game (40-30) and extended this lead to 2-0. Through multiple drop-shots and their movements across the court Malisse and Ferrero won the set 4-2.


A lot of close to the net action took place throughout the match. The crowd were delighted with the entertaining rallies and playful banter between both teams, but Malisse/Ferrero raised their level in the final stages of the match. Team Greg broke early in the second set and won 4-2.


After the match Malisse commented: “Both matches were a lot of fun, good rallies and good laughs! The first match with Marcos was great, it’s always such a pleasure to play against him. I enjoyed the second match, with doubles there are always some more tricky shots and the crowd enjoyed it. It’s special with the Greg, Marcos and of course playing with Juan. It’s good to be back on the court and you just want to play more and more.”  


Match 3

Haas V Ferrero

Ferrero, 4-1, 4-2


Ferrero added two points on the board for Team Goran in tonight’s evening session of myWorld Champions Tennis, taking them into tomorrow’s final (Team Greg V Team Goran).


The Spaniard broke early in both sets to win 4-1, 4-2.


After the match, Ferrero commented: “Great to get Team Goran on a total of six points! To be honest I was a little bit tired during the match but I could still play a good level. I tried to save some break points against Tommy which was good and I’m pleased with how I played overall. Ready for tomorrow!”


Total points:

Team Goran – 6

Team Greg – 4

Team Tim - 2


Sunday Order of Play:

Match 1 – Haas v Ferrero

Match 2 – Rusedski/Haas v Ivanisevic/Malisse

Match 3 – Baghdatis v Malisse

Match 4 (if not 3-0) – Rusedski/Baghdatis v Ivanisevic/Ferrero


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