Day 2 - myWorld Champions Tennis


Overall result - Team Greg, comprised of Tommy Haas, Marcos Baghdatis and captain Greg Rusedski is out in front at myWorld Champions Tennis. Haas led his group to a 2-1 victory over Team Goran in Friday’s afternoon session and the trio now has four points overall in the team competition.


Team Goran V Team Greg

Match 1

Ivanisevic V Haas

Haas, 4-2, 4-2 (Team Greg)


Haas, former World No.2 defeated Ivanisevic, former 2001 Wimbledon winner, representing Team Greg, 4-2, 4-2. Haas broke Ivanisevic in the fifth game and went onto win the set 4-2.


Throughout the match, there were multiple long baseline rallies with both players using the whole of the court.


In the second set, the German broke Ivanisevic in the first game (40-30) and extended his lead to win the set 4-2.


Match 2

Malisse/Ferrero V Haas/Rusedski

Haas/Rusedski, 4-3, 4-2 (Team Greg)


In the second match of the afternoon Team Goran broke Team Greg in the third game of the first set with plenty of drop-shots. Team Greg then broke back in the fourth game to bring it back to 2-2 (40-15). Little separated the two teams in the first set and led to a tie-break (3-3) with Haas and Rusedski slightly edging Malisse and Ferrero to win the set 4-3.


The second set bought multiple entertaining shots for the crowd. Haas and Rusedski broke Team Goran in the first game of the second set (40-30). Malisse and Ferrero broke Team Greg back in the fourth game. Haas and Rusedski broke back in the fifth game to win the second set 4-2 (40-0).


After the match Haas commented: “Yes I’m very happy overall, I’m pleased with how I was hitting the ball today. I feel very privileged to play against Team Goran and really enjoyed it. I never really got a chance to play against him on tour and playing against him is a lot of fun. I seemed to return the serve well and move well around the court. To follow up in the doubles as well was even better! Good fun, good tennis and to be out there in the Albert Hall is amazing. Both matches could have gone either way especially with the new format, it can go quick into a second set or a tie-break. Very pleased for Team Greg.”


Match 3

Ferrero (Team Goran) V Baghdatis (Team Goran)

Ferrero, 4-1, 4-2


Team Goran’s David Ferrero won in two straight sets against Team Greg’s, Marcos Baghdatis. The Spaniard broke in the first game of the first set (40-30) and finished the set 4-1.


Ferrero broke in the third game of the second set for Team Goran and extended his lead to 3-1. The final game was won by Ferrero 40-0 to win the second set 4-2.


After the match, Ferrero commented: “I really enjoyed this afternoon, I felt really good on the court and I felt I could hit the ball the way I wanted it to. I could see a bit better with the light as first day is always hard to get used to the venue. I felt very confident on the serve and I made sure to put pressure on Marcos as he can be very dangerous.”



Overall result - Team Tim, comprised of David Ferrer, Mark Philippoussis and team captain Tim Henman got their first two points in myWorld Champions Tennis in Friday’s evening session.


Team Greg V Team Tim

Match 1

Haas V Ferrer

Ferrer (Team Tim), 4-2, 4-3

Haas and Ferrer kicked off Friday evening’s session at the Royal Albert Hall in what was a tightly fought match. It was particularly close with strong serves and well-timed returns.


In the first set the Spaniard broke Haas in the fifth game (40-15). He then went onto win the set 4-2.


The second set bought multiple long rallies and Haas fought back and broke Ferrer in the second game to go 3-0. Ferrer bought it back which led to a tie-break but went onto win the match.


After the match Ferrer commented: “It was a great match, really good intensity. Haas is playing really well so I was lucky in some points. This is such a great tournament, I love playing with the guys and it’s all pretty special. I’m ready for another day tomorrow and looking forward to enjoy it! Let’s hope Mark wins this final game of the evening for Team Tim!”


Match 2

Baghdatis/Rusedski V Henman/Ferrer

Baghdatis/Rusedski, 4-1, 1-4, 4-3 (11-9)

Team Greg, consisting of Baghdatis and Rusedski broke Team Tim (Henman and Ferrer) in the second game (40-15) of the first set. They further extended their lead and went on to win the first set 4-1.

In the second set Team Tim bought it back and broke Team Greg in the second game (40-30). Tables turned and Team Tim won the second set 4-1, taking it into a deciding tie-break.

Baghdatis and Rusedski went onto win 11-9 bringing a point to Team Greg. Team Greg and Team Tim are level on points going into the deciding third match of the evening.


After the match Greg commented: “We got off to a great start with the early break. Second set - they got the early break and it just came down to one or two points. We were thrilled to get the win today and I think the crowd enjoyed some of the shots which is the most important thing. My favourite part was when we had the really long rally and the crowd got excited. It was also lovely to have my family in to come and watch. It could have gone either way at the end, 11-9 at the tie-break it doesn’t get much closer and 4-1, 4-1 each direction, we’ve all been playing some really good tennis this week.”

Match 3

Baghdatis V Philippoussis

Philippoussis, 4-1, 4-3


Philippoussis put Team Tim on the scoresheet after a spectacular victory over Team Greg’s, Baghdatis. Team Tim broke in the second game (40-30) against Team Greg, and then went on to win the first set 4-1 – winning 40-30 in the final game.

The second set led to a tie-break (3-3) but the Aussie had the edge and won the set 4-3.

After the match, Philippousis commented: “We’re finally on the scoreboard, it wasn’t pretty but we’ve done it! What a pleasure it was to play against Marcos, it’s the first time we’ve played and he’s such a gentleman out there. Great atmosphere, great crowd and we hope the fans enjoyed it too.”

Going into day three:

Team Tim – 2

Team Goran – 2

Team Greg - 4


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