Day 1 - myWorld Champions Tennis

Team Greg and Team Goran are even going in to day 2

Team Greg, consisting of Marcos Baghdatis, Tommy Haas and captain Greg Rusedski won the opening tie against Team Tim at myWorld Champions Tennis this afternoon, which is being held at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the 23rd straight year.

Ferrer V Baghdatis

Baghdatis (Team Greg) 4-3, 4-2

Recently retired Marcos Baghdatis and David Ferrer took to the court for the first match of myWorld Champions Tennis, in Team Greg versus Team Tim, respectively. Team Greg took the first point of the tournament to make their mark at the Royal Albert Hall in Thursday’s afternoon session. In a fast-paced first match, both Baghdatis and Ferrer made each other run all over the court with a variety of crowd-pleasing shots. It was very even match with both serving well which led to a tiebreak in the first set after 3-3. Baghdatis then made an early break in the third point to win the set 4-3.

In the second set, Baghdatis broke Ferrer in the third game and went on to win the match in two straight sets.

After the match, Baghdatis commented: “It was great to get the first point for the team. The even more positive thing was that I came off the court without any injuries, no pains so that’s an important part. I’ve had about four months out since Wimbledon so it’s been a long time I haven’t played a tennis match and it’s important I get back into it. I think tomorrow the body will feel a bit sore but I’m ready for the challenge.

“First time at the Albert Hall which was incredible, I’m still trying to find the exact words but it was breath-taking. I’ve been to many places around the world, stadiums in the world but this one was really special.”

Henman/Philippousis (Team Tim) V Haas/Rusedski (Team Greg)

Haas/Rusedski, 4-3, 1-4, 2-10

In the first doubles match of the tournament, Haas and Rusedski gave Team Greg a 2-0 lead at myWorld Champions Tennis.

The first set was won by Team Tim with both sets of players making plenty of drop shots. After 3-3, the first set went to a tie-break with Henman/Philippousis winning 4-3.

In the second set, Haas and Rusedski broke in the fourth game of the second set, followed by the fifth game, winning the second set 4-1.

After the first two sets, the match went into a deciding third set, with Team Greg winning 10-2.  

After the match Rusedski commented: “I’m so happy, I think the new format works really well. It’s actually funny to be on court with Marcos as he was with me in the Champions Tennis league in India a few years back. The doubles was really entertaining, we had some great rallies, and it’s so great to be back at the Albert Hall. It’s my twelth year here in a row, can’t quite believe that but that’s another story! This is the event I love to play just before Christmas gets underway.”

Philippousis (Team Tim) V Haas (Team Greg)

Haas, 4-2, 4-3

Haas made it a clean sweep for Team Greg. In a match full of strong serves and long rallies, both players entertained the crowd with their fast-paced play.

Haas won the first set 4-2 with multiple forehand shot points won and powerful returns. In the second set, it was extremely close between both players but Haas just edged it, with Team Greg taking three points into the evening session.


Overall Result - Former World No. 1 Juan Carlos Ferrero helped Team Goran to victory over Team Tim on Thursday night at the myWorld Champions Tennis, held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Team Greg and Team Goran currently stand on two points each.

Philippoussis V Ferrero (Team Tim V Team Goran)

Ferrero, 4-1, 4-2

Ferrero the ‘mosquito’ won in two straight sets against Philippoussis, giving Team Goran their first tie-winning point of the tournament. In the first set, Ferrero broke Philippoussis in the first game (40-15) and by the fourth he extended his lead to 3-1. Ferrero won the final fifth game in the first set to win 4-1 (40-0).

In the second set, Ferrero broke Philippoussis in the first game (40-30). By the fourth game Ferrero made it 3-1. Throughout the match, Ferrero made numerous power-packed serves, great forehands and carefully placed drop-shots at key points. Philippoussis had great speed on the court and fired back a lot of crowd-pleasing shots, however it was Ferrero who had the edge.

Ferrero won the second set 4-2 finishing with a drop-shot.

After the match, Ferrero commented: “I feel so much better than before the match, it’s always tough to play the first match but very happy to get Team Goran on the scoresheet. I enjoyed the new format as things happen to fast and it can change very quickly. I hope to stay at the same level for the next match. It helped that I got a break point in both the first games of both sets so I could relax a bit more.”

Henman/Ferrer V Malisse/Ivanisevic (Team Tim V Team Goran), 4-1,


Malisse/Ivanisevic, 4-1, 4-3


Malisse and Ivanisevic provided Team Goran their second tie-winning point of the evening in what was a fast-paced match. Team Goran broke Team Tim in the fourth game and went on to win the first set 4-1.


The second set was particularly close with both Team Tim and Team Goran producing long rallies. Team Goran had three break points in the first game but Team Tim went onto win, making it 1-0. This set led to a tie-break (3-3) with Team Goran securing the match.  


After the match, Malisse commented: “I thought we all played good tennis and Goran and I started really strong in the first set. We had good rallies in the second set and great interaction with the crowd which is what it’s all about. It’s so good to be back at the Albert Hall, I think this is actually my sixth year, everytime I step into this venue, it becomes more and more unbelievable. So many deuces during the match, I think that one game was longer than the whole set! It’s good because it’s competitive and is a great format which makes it a lot of fun to play.”


Ferrer (Team Tim) V Ivanisevic (Team Goran)

Ferrer, 4-1, 4-1


Ferrer broke Ivanisevic in the first game with his strong serves and drop shots. Ferrer extended his lead and went onto win the first set 4-1.


The second set started with a particularly long game, entertaining the crowd, with both players making strong returns and not wanting to back down. Ferrer went onto win this 4-1.


After the match, Ferrer commented: “It was a pleasure to play with Goran and I think we played some good tennis throughout the match. I especially like playing at The Albert Hall as it’s so different to any other venue and you can hear every voice in the crowd. Bring on the next match.”


Going into day two, points are as follows:

Team Greg – 2

Team Goran – 2

Team Tim – 0


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